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 Advertising Packages

WNY JOBS - Newspaper & Website Ads Work For You!


  • Place your ad in 25,000 FREE papers available 7 days each week.
  • Distributed at over 600 locations throughout Greater Buffalo & WNY including Tops & Wegmans Supermarkets.
  • Newspaper ads also appear on our website at no extra charge.
  • Lower prices allow larger eye-catching display ads with free layout including graphics & company logos.


  • High Traffic - WNY's first and best known employment website.
  • Ads appear 3 weeks online (1 week for 1/32 size).
  • E-JOBS - your positions get e-mailed to registered job seekers (see our E-JOB & Resume totals).
  • Resume Database – Keyword searchable. Start scheduling interviews today!

Contact us about targeting the Rochester market with at 1-888-969-5627 or click here for more information.

Newspaper and Web Rates:

All display ads include layout & borders. Display ads 1/16 or larger may include a Company Logo and/or graphics. Copy for display ads 1/16 and larger also appears 3 weeks in classified format on our website (# of postings varies by ad size). Display Ads 1/8 or larger include a Resume Password.

Resume passwords are valid from ad placement through the duration of your print ad and change weekly.

Click on the various ad sizes below to see a sample display ad, plus information & pricing for each ad size, or click here for a printable sample sheet.

1/4 page 1/2 page 1/8v page 1/32 page 1/16 page 3/8 page 1/8h page
Full page

Combination Newspaper and Web

Your Position appears 1 week in the paper and 3 weeks online.

1/32    $ 65   (includes 1 online ad, up to 50 words)
1/16    $ 95   (includes up to 2 online ads, up to 100 words)
1/8     $165   (includes up to 3 online ads, up to 200 words)
1/4     $295   (includes up to 4 online ads, up to 400 words)
3/8     $395   (includes up to 6 online ads, up to 600 words)
1/2     $495   (includes up to 8 online ads, up to 800 words)
FULL   $795   (includes up to 12 online ads, up to 1600 words)

Web Only Rates


Appear 3 weeks online.
Up to 100 words: $75. Or get a 1/16 page display ad in the paper too for just $20. More.
101 to 200 words: $115.* Or get a 1/8 page display ad in the paper too for just $50 more.
201 to 400 words: $205 or get a 1/4 page display ad in the paper too for just $90 more.

Includes 10 day Resume Password with the $115. JOBSnet ad
Featured Position (on homepage) add $25. For 1 week


Access to over 20,000 resumes - start scheduling interviews today!
Included FREE with a 1/8th size display or larger, as well as any $115. Web Only ad or larger.
One week: $115.
One month: $325.
Three months: $645.


Have your company's logo in color with a direct link to your company's website on our high traffic homepage. Averaging 80,000 users per month! We'll make the banner for you.
One month: $250.
Three months: $450. ($150./mo)
Six months: $750. ($125./mo)


Let us know your needs and we will put together a package for you.
___ Multiple WEB ONLY postings
___ Resume passwords
___ Employer Links

Call a WNY JOBS Representative today!

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... by purchasing an ad, it will appear in over 45,000 FREE papers?

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