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 It Is a Booming Labor Market…Why You Might Not Be Hired Yet!

By Joe Stein

All the national and local numbers indicate that this is a historic positive stretch for most economic indicators. In particular, the unemployment rate is hitting record lows while job creation numbers are off the chart. So, you would think finding the job you desire would be really easy to do.
Well…it is certainly a better time to find new employment than during a heavy recession, but for some it is still quite a challenge. If you are someone scuffling to land a new job in 2019, then perhaps it is time to hit the pause button on your search and examine why you might be struggling. Below are some of the many basic reasons you may find yourself on the “outside looking in” during this strong economy.
• Focus Your Approach: If you are applying for positions that you are not really qualified for, then you probably won’t be hired. Focus your precious and valuable job search time on positions that you actually a candidate for. This could be something you have done already, or is legitimately utilizing transferable skills from a former role. If you think that the strong economy will allow you to land any job, then you probably will be disappointed. This is especially important for those who are applying for many positions, but not receiving any calls from Recruiters.
• Clean Up Any Mistakes: Recruiters hate spelling errors and cringe over grammatical issues. She/he may overlook one mistake, but anything more than that is likely to cause you to be placed in the discard file. This is such an easy fix with the use of electronic tools that will help you correct any errors. You can also have the “fresh eyes” of a friend or family member read through it for any needed corrections.
• Include a Cover Letter: Don’t just do the minimum and electronically send a Resume. Also include a Cover Letter, providing more narrative detail about your candidacy. Despite what you may read, most Recruiters still appreciate the extra effort expended in writing this document.
• Network and Diversity: Don’t take a passive approach to your search and expect Recruiters to call you offering a new position. Sure, Recruiters are reaching out to passive job seekers about open positions, but most jobs are still filled by a candidate applying for a position they saw posted or heard about via networking. Another key is to not just rely on one or two sources for your job leads, but rather use multiple sources from multiple information streams in order to diversity your approach and best give you the opportunity to become aware of the opening.
• Don’t Hesitate! Today’s job search world moves pretty quickly. You can’t delay in applying for a position or responding to a Recruiter request. Make sure the number(s) you will be available at will be on your Resume and you either make it a priority to answer or call back immediately. Any “hiccups” and you will find yourself being passed over by other candidates.
• Practice the Expected Questions: If you reach the interview stage and then stall, this is a good sign that your Cover Letter and Resume are OK and you are applying for the right positions, but your interview skills are off. Go on to and search my column archive for detailed advice on how to approach many of an Interviewer’s most frequently asked questions. Role play with a friend who will give you a real critique regarding your responses.
• Identify Any Holes or Flags: Very rarely is there a perfect candidate. Often, a candidate is missing a requirement for the position, or has some type of flag (such as a questionable work history) on their Resume. How you respond to this issue will determine your future success. It could be as simple as providing a better answer in the interview, but the solution could be more complicated, such as going back to school/training to pick up the necessary skill.
From an individual job seeker perspective, a strong economy is only of value if it benefits you to the point where you land the position desired. This is why you have to take advantage of it while it is here, and correct any of the common mistakes you may be doing. Please examine, in an unbiased fashion, your search and solicit the feedback of others who will speak honestly to you in order to identify your improvement areas.