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Buffalo, NY

Posted Thursday, March 26, 2020

Job Description:

Associate Technician (Calibration Technician)

Associate Technician Summary: Maintains and calibrates Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs) otherwise referred to as “Crash Test Dummies.” These devices simulate the dimensions, weight proportions and articulation of the human body, and are usually instrumented to record data about the dynamic behavior of the ATD in vehicle impacts.

Percentage Responsibilities

30% Set up ATD verification tests, conduct tests, and document results, principally electro/mechanical tests of the ATD’s force, torque and acceleration sensors.

30% Troubleshoot mechanical, electrical and electronic problems with ATDs by inspecting wiring, connectors and umbilical covering for damage; inspecting mechanical components for breakage and proper fit, form and function. Order parts and perform repairs as necessary.

20% Disassemble and reassemble Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs) as well as the associated electronic instruments and parts.

20% Interpret ATD verification test and assembly requirements from government regulations, industry user manuals, and industry recommended practices.

Preferred Education / Experience:

· AAS in Engineering,

· Calibration Technician Certification,
· 1+ year, or
· A combination of education and experience equivalent to above

Preferred Knowledge / Ability:
· Troubleshooting mechanical, electrical, data collections and measure
· Solder and make electrical connections
· Use volt meters to check continuity and voltage
· Microsoft Office

Successful candidates must pass a pre-employment background check and drug screen.

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