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  Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Job in Buffalo, NY

Cazenovia Recovery Systems
Buffalo, NY

Posted Friday, May 22, 2020

Job Description:

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This position facilitates the integration of employment support services throughout the continuum of recovery by supporting residents in the development of educational or employment goals. It also provides appropriate referrals as well as intensive and ongoing employment support.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Coordinates with residents in identifying employment goals.
• Completes employment assessments and develops plans with each resident to assist with their employment goals.
• Assists each resident in identifying employment-related experience along with associated capacities and limitations.
• Is responsible for case management of employment and career experience of assigned residents.
• Meets with residents on a regular basis to monitor progress and adjusts in accordance to the individual’s progress towards their employment goals as needed.
• Ensures residents’ transportation needs are met for keeping appointments.
• Monitors and assists residents with planning employment activities, including recreational activities.
• Monitors and/or supports residents in maintaining linkages necessary to successful community integration.
• Monitors and/or supports residents with identifying, securing, and maintaining financial resources; effective budgeting; opening bank accounts; timely payment of rent; apartment furnishings; and other needs.
• Supports residents in identifying necessary resources to reach their employment goals.
• Supports the ongoing development of residents’ individual employment/educational plans.
• Coordinates referral education / employment sources with residents.
• Conducts breathalyzer and toxicology screenings as necessary.
• Is mindful of and integrates Trauma-Informed Care and its five principles in all duties and interactions with fellow staff, residents, and external partners.
• Maintains compliance with all required rules and regulations including Federal Confidentiality (42 CFR, Part 2), HIPAA, Medicaid and/or HUD, and any others.

• Master’s degree in Vocational Rehabilitation or a related field of rehabilitation psychology; or
• Master’s degree in any counseling or psychology specialization, with one year of experience in the career counseling of individuals with alcohol/substance abuse disorders and/or individuals from other disadvantaged populations; or
• Bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology, sociology, or other related field with a minimum of two years of experience in the career counseling of individuals with alcohol/substance abuse disorders and/or individuals from other disadvantaged populations; or
• A Rehabilitation Counseling Master’s degree student supervised by a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC).
• Must possess a valid New York State Driver’s license

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